Monday, March 10, 2008

still sane, well almost!

we have been busy busy!!
Friday we went out to my husbands, Logan, mom and stepdad's property out in the middle of no where.
They have a bunch of golden lab puppies and Ethan was in HEAVEN!! As soon as we got out of the car he took off to the barn where they were all at. He played for hours with them, even named one Star.
He also got to rides on my four wheeler. He was so excited. We bundled him up in jackets, gloves, goggles and a helmet and went on hills, and bumps, and let him stear and press the gas. he loved it!!! unfortantly i didnt take any pictures, SORRY!!
It did take me 45 minutes to get Ethan into the car. He had a total meltdown about bringing "star" the puppy home. Seriously it was sad because i knew how he felt, i did the same thing at his age! sorry mom and dad! :)
Friday night Logan and I went out on a date and the kids stayed home with my brother and his wife and son, (adam, carrie and brinnon) and my cousin Scotty came over with them. They had a ton of fun with them!! and we sure enjoyed eating out and seeing a movie with JUST US!
On Saturday I gave Ethan the option of hanging around here or going somewhere like the zoo or something, and he just wanted to chill here. So he played with his webkinz and we watched some cartoons. We also went and got birthday presents for my neice Maegan and nephew Matthew. We got them webkinz and while we were getting them Ethan convinced me that Jo Jo the hippo (Addie's hippo webkinz) needed a baby so we got a littlekinz hippo. Seriously its cute. He named it Bell and is ATTATCHED. he tried to convince me to bring it to church, the party, school, and anywhere else we have gone since we got it.
Sunday we took the kids to our church and then went to my sisters for a birthday party for Matthew and Maegan. The kids had tons of fun and ate yummy cake!! Addie totally dove right into her chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. needless to say she was one happy girl!
Below are pictures he wanted to show mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa in Ohio.
Also some of Addie asleep on the couch.

okay pictures are not working will upload as soon as i can get them to do so! :)

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