Friday, March 7, 2008

Taking Over

I am offically taking over the blog!!! (insert evil laugh here)
Hey everyone its Laura, yes "Laura the Nanny", and i am taking over the blog until Clara and Derek get back from their beautiful vacation in California and on a Cruise to Mexico.
Well we have been doing good here. The kids are doing good. We got colds though, but nothing serious and are doing just fine. We have been to the park, library, on walks, and just have had alot of fun. I want to put up pictures of the kids for Clara and Derek so there are going to be alot :) bare with me.
the following pictures are proof that Ethan is indeed part MONKEY

Addie LOVED the slide!! here she is going down so fast her shoe came off lol!

she pretty much did this almost the whole time.she loved climbing around
we made CUPCAKES!!
The following pictures are Addie's process of eating a cupcake

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The Riggle's said... are awesome. thanks for the pictures. they made my day.