Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great Weekend

So, I've got lots of pictures for you guys today. We had a good weekend so I thought I could share the pictures with you today. So, on Friday the weather was beautiful after so much rain this winter. You couldn't help but try and think of something to do outside so Laura decided to
take the kids to the park in downtown Olympia. On her way home it was lunch time and she decided a picnic was a great idea so I went and got some picnic food and met them at the park by our house. Ethan was a great big brother as usual and played with Addie on the little kid toys, helping her up the step and down the slide. It was so sweet.

Friday night after Derek and I got off of work we headed up to my sister's house for game night. She had a friend that came up from Portland for a weekend visit that we also wanted to see. On Valentine's Day Alisha and Stacy stopped by a stand on the side of the road and got a zillion stuffed animals for $10. In that bunch of animals they got a huge gorilla and hippo. My sister was sick of them and wanted to throw them out but kept them for a few extra days so that the kids could play on them. They were big enough to ride on so I have some pictures of that. One with my mom and one with our friend Janel. Silliness!!!

Here's a couple of pictures of the kids with our friend Wes. He's one of our favorite people from Portland. We haven't seen him in so long and it was so much fun to hang out with him this weekend. WE LOVE YOU WES!!!

After we got back from Everett Derek took Ethan camping. He didn't take very many pictures but this one was pretty cute. Now that we have a camper I'm guessing we'll go camping a lot and so we'll have lots of pictures like this over the summer.

So, I hope all of you had a great weekend. Enjoy your week.

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