Monday, April 7, 2008

Mondays Stink!!!

So, we had a busy weekend around the house. Between cleaning up after the kids and my husband, grocery shopping, laundry and a new addition to our house I feel like the weekend flew by. So, the new addition tour house...We have a mud room where we keep our shoes and stuff but we are never able to keep it organized. Derek made a suggestion a few weeks ago about building another closet in that area. I knew that building something could create all sorts of problems between us so I thought of getting a large wardrobe to put in that space. I went to Ikea and found a wardrobe that was 8 feet tall and fit almost perfectly into the space we wanted it. So, now our shoes, coats, games and whatever else we want organized is beautifully behind closed doors. It is awesome. I love Ikea.

The kids were sick this weekend too. They both had the flu. Fortunately it wasn't the throwing up flu, just the fever type of flu. They were both so miserable. I think they are better now. Yay!!

Well, here are some pictures for you. I will put some videos up tonight.
The kids were waiting for me to get home from work
Cutie Pie Girl
Ethan got ahold of the camera and found out that if you move the camera it makes weird blurry images. He took 12 of these. Then he took a picture of himself and 17 pictures of his webkins.
She fell asleep randomly eating lunch
Derek took the kids climbing. Videos will be up soon
My kids are so dang cute and sweet

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