Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!

Here's some pictures of the kids for you. I love this first picture. Our kids love to snuggle and it is the best.
So, these pictures are of Ethan's project. He was trying to make a ride for Addie and after several attempts he finally came up with something. On one hand I was thinking "Whoa. This could be dangerous!" But the kids were having so much fun I didn't have the heart to make them stop. Ethan had it all figured out. He even made a seatbelt. They had a blast and nobody got hurt. Whoohoo!!
Laura got these cookies for Ethan during an after Valentine's Day sale and they finally got to them yesterday. My favorite cookie he made was of Addie. It had a mouth, nose and eyes and then had little devil horns for her little devilish ways. This little girl is very clever and it often ends up with her causing trouble. It could be bad if she wasn't so dang cute. So, most of the time we end up laughing at her little antics. She usually gives us a little sweetheart look, looking up through her eyelashes, before doing something crazy. So here's his cookie making skills!!

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