Monday, May 12, 2008

A blue pancake type of day

So, I have some pictures of the kids eating blue pancakes. One of Ethan's favorite things is to eat colored food so Laura often appeases him making green eggs and as seen here, blue pancakes. Do here's afew ictures of the kids enjoying their breakfast. Along with apicture of a blue pancake I have several pictures of what Ethan thinks are important things to take pictures. It's the closest I have to seeing the world through Ethan's eyes. Birdhouses Ethan and I painted for our backyard. He painted the red and green one although I embellished and cleaned it up just a little bit. I added stuff according to Ethan's vision.The stove from Ethan's viewpoint.Ethan got a great picture of Laura hereNo phot opportunity would be complete without a picture having to do with webkins. This is one of Ethan's webkin's rooms. It looks like he has all of them in one room wearing the same camo shirt.

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