Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommy and Me Day at the zoo

So, on the Saturday before Mother's Day the Seattle Area zoos planned a "Mommy and Me" day at the zoo. You had to buy a shirt at Macy's and wear it to get into the zoo that day. So, we bought our shirts and I was afraid we would get lost amongst the sea of white shirts, so after some brainstorming with Alisha we came up with Tie-dyeing them. Laura is awesome at that stuff so I let her do it and she did an awesome job at it. We got a lot of compliments on them and lots of people asked where we bought them at. Anyway, Alisha came to the zoo with me since there was no way I could deal with taking the kids by myself. A little too much excitement for a single parent trip. Derek was working in Tacoma that weekend. So, here's some pictures of the trip. I will hopefully be adding a few more pictures tonight. My camera died and so I had to buy a disposable that I am waiting to be developed.

It was a great weekend trip. Afterward we went to my parents' house and had a little party there since I was up north. We tried to have "game night" but of course I picked out the hardest Trivial Pursuit. I would not suggest the 20th Anniversary edition. We will definately stick to Cranium in the future. For all of you who came to the house...we had a blast and I am so glad I got to see everybody. I hope someday soon we'll be able to move up north and see everybody more often. We'll see how that goes in a few years. Anyway, here are the zoo pics.

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