Monday, July 7, 2008

Addie's Adventures with Fireworks

So, last year we took Addie to the races at Emerald Downs where we watch the horse races and then afterward they have an awesome fireworks show. She loved it last year. So, I mistakenly thought that she would love the fireworks again this year. She HATED them. HATED!!!!! She ended up practically crawling over me trying to get away from them. To make it even worse she was sobbing because she was so upset by the fireworks. I thought maybe it was the noise so I tried covering her ears so that she could watch and not be bothered by the noise but that didn't help either. I ended up having to sing to her so that her sobbing could turn into a whimper. To make everything worse, the next day (the actual 4th of July) I finally got her to hold a sparkler. Alisha got us the really cool ones where you light the paper on the end and then you have your very own miniature fireworks display. She started getting into it and was twirling the sparkler around. Instead of the paper falling to the ground it came back into her poor little face and burnt her. The boys (my husband and our neighbor) went and got fireworks and those freaked her out too. So I guess the 4th of July may very well not be her holiday, or at least not this year. Here is a picture of her face the next day. Poor little thing.
Here's a few more pictures from Emerald Downs. We had a blast there. These pictures of the kids are too sweet. They were actually choosing to hold hands. How flippin' cute is that?

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Alisha said...

Ahh! Poor little lady! That burn looks like it hurts. By the way, your sushi looks the bomb diggity!!!