Monday, July 14, 2008

Face Painting

So these pics are from a couple of different things. I have a couple of pictures of the kids watching TV. It is so hard to keep them still for more than a couple of minutes so I took a picture of them being totally focused on something. Kinda cute. Then I have some pictures of Ethan with his face painted for VBS. That is the flag pictures. Then Laura and the kids got so excited about face painting they did it again the next day, just for fun. Laura even let the kids paint her face. Also Addie has shown a little interest in potty training and I told Laura that I would give her a bonus if she can get the girl potty trained. So she made this little jar to keep candy in (chocolate chips are her favorite) for when she goes potty in her little chair. So we've been keeping her chair in the living room and sitting her on it everytime we change her diaper. No presents for us yet but I know it won't be long.

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