Monday, July 14, 2008

The Police

The Police decide to go on tour this year so we thought we should go to the gorge and see them. We had a blast. At the last minute Derek and I decided to try out a new campground right across from where we usually camp and it was awesome. The grass was green, they had food, hookups, a shuttle to the concert and it was just nicer. So I have a lot of pictures from our trip. I hope you enjoy them.
Ethan decided to capture his sister. He started with a couple of bungy cords and then moved on to some rope he found. It was really funny. I don't have pictures but before he found the rope he was dragging her on her belly by her feet. She thought it was great and was laughing away.

Oh No! He lost her!!

And she's getting away!!

Grandma and Wes swinging Ethan around at the campsite I could not believe how many times Ethan got this ball.
He even got it once and let Addie throw it.

Listening to Elvis Costello

Yay! Time for the Police!

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