Monday, July 28, 2008

RIP Casey Craig

On Monday, July 21 I was fortunate enough to witness what is called an ash dive. An ash dive is what many skydivers ask to have done with their remains after they have died. As many of you know a friend of mine from high school died in a tragic airplane crash on October 7 last year.

I am very thankful that the families of "Our 10" invited the friends of these wonderful people to attend this event. It was a very sad yet beautiful experience I am so glad to have witnessed. I would like to share some pictures of this event because it is something I will always remember and keep in my heart. Please pray for the families of these people who have left this earth and will now forever be flying through the skies. I only knew Casey but there were 10 people in this crash who have left loved ones here who are missing them everyday. I hope that this experience was able to bring them a little bit of a sense of closure and some peace. God Bless all of them.

Remember Our 10
Ralph Abdo
Landon Atkin
Michelle Barker
Casey Craig
Cecil Elsner
Bryan Jones
Phil Kibler
Hollie Raspberry
Jeff Ross
Andy Smith
Here is the plane and 3 of the four divers that took the ashes up

These people were loved by so many people

The release of the ashes

The view from below

They became a cloud that everyone got to watch float through the air

This is the view from Kelly, Casey's brother after he landed

Casey is the smiling guy in the middle

Blue Skies Forever

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