Monday, August 11, 2008

Ethan's first tooth

So, my little boy is officially growing up and moving from little baby boy to growing up boy. He lost his first tooth today. He called me at work today sooooooooo excited. I told him a few days ago that it wouldn't be ready to pull out until it would wiggle backwards along with forwards. So today he went up to Laura and told her he thought it was time for his tooth to come out. She told him to get some dental floss thinking that she could play with it a little bit and then they would move on until it was really ready. So she tied the floss on it and pulled a little and it almost came out and was holding on by almost nothing so she just went ahead and pulled it out. He was so excited. We went to the store last weekend to buy stuff for his "tooth pillow." We are decorating his room with an undersea/pirate theme so I made him a pillow based on that. I made the whole thing by hand. So, here's some pictures of my growing up toothless boy.

Here is Ethan holding his tooth.

Ethan's tooth pillow that I happened to finish on saturday. Can you believe I made the whole thing all by myself. How crafty am I?? It is even pirate material to match the theme of his room when we decorate it this summer.

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