Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun weekend

Here are a few pictures from a couple of things. The first couple of pictures are from our dinner with my sister last week. can you believe she got promoted? Yes my rock star of a sister got promoted to supervisor of the Child Welfare Services (CWS) with Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in Everett. Her supervisors have been keeping and eye out for positions for her because she is a rock star. Her only issue for awhile was that she had not yet put in enough time and she had no good supervisory experience. So, she started putting herself out there and volunteered for some different things to get some leadership experience and now next week she'll be the supervisor of CWS in Everett. ROCK STAR!!

So, this next set of pictures if from an Inglemoor High School Alumni BBQ. It was actually for people a little older than me but I knew some people there so me and Alisha, along with Derek and the kids went and had a great time. They had a bouncy house for the kids to play in and they had a blast.

Me, Alisha and Justin

Ethan and Bodhi

Addie just strolling along
The kids attacking Justin. He always takes it in stride.

Ethan being a cheesey boy as always.Derek playing with the kids in the bouncy house.Just hanging outHere we were over at Ivy's and they had a tractor out front because of some construction on the street or something. It made for some fun pictures.

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