Monday, September 8, 2008

Our new kitty

Some of you know that for some reason our cats always seem to want to get outside. Alex was no exception. So when we left to go to the Gorge over Labor Day weekend he got out and we haven't seen him since. Ethan finally really grasped the idea this past weekend that Alex was probably gone so we decided to go to the shelter and get a new kitten. They had some kittens that had been dropped off that morning and this was one of them. For the first time we got a girl kitty. Ethan picked her out and we named her Sasparilla but will be calling her Sassy. Both of the kids love her and she seems to love them. She has not yet scratched or bit as a reaction, although she does like to chem on your hand a little bit. Addie carries her around like a little doll and is actually fairky gentle right up until she decides to drop her, then she kinda throws her down. But she's barely 2 feet tall so it isn't too traumatic for little Sassy. Sassy also seems to be a bit fearless and is already jumping onto and off of our bed. She goes up and down the stairs and as you can see in this picture climbs all around things. She's a sweet little thing.

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