Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of 1st Grade

Today I have two stories for you. The first is my story about Ethan last night. Yesterday evening was the school's open house so that we could all go and meet Ethan's teacher and see his classroom and where he was sitting and all that. We were going as soon as I got home from work. I guess right after Laura left for the day Ethan asked Derek is he could change his clothes. Derek said that was fine, he didn't care. So Ethan told Derek that he wanted to dress up to meet his teacher for the first time and this is what he came up with. A button up shirt and conductor overalls. It was fantastic. This is the picture I took this morning on our way to the bus stop. We got his clothes all picked out last night. He picked out everything and decided that he wanted to wear all brown so he did. Under his sweatshirt is a cool brown T-shirt. He even let me put his hair in a mohawk. Yay!! We walked to the bus stop and no kisses for me this year. Too bad. I did really like his teacher though. I actually like her better than his kindergarten teacher who I didn't like that much. She was okay and did her job fine but I didn't love her. His teacher's name this year is Mrs. Loyer. I think she will be good for him. We'll see how the year goes. is first day sounds like it went well and even though he took a different bus home so that he could meet me at my work everything went smoothly. I'm excited for him to be in first grade.

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