Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dave Matthews Band

So, I know this sounds crazy, but I have been really bad about pictures lately. Absolutely horrible. I keep missing great picture opportunities. Very lame. So this year's adventure to the Gorge was unlike any other year for many reasons. First of all we found out a few days prior to the concert that Derek's brother Brian would be in town. He lives in Alaska generally but he works for the forestry sevice or something like that and goes around the northwest part of the US putting out forest fires. Amazingly the fire they were working on in Oregon finished right before the weekend so he arranged his flight so that he could stop through and come to the Gorge with us. That left us minus one seat in our car to drive over there so we made a little bed in the back for my sister to hang out in for the drive over.

In general, concerts at the Gorge are accompanied by extreme heat. Usually at least in the 90's. The concert we went to two weeks ago had us struggling with temperatures over 100. That is what we planned on and packed for this time. It is our 4th Labor Day Weekend at the Gorge. Why would this year be any different? It was beyond different. By 11:00 we knew that we were not going to be headed to the river to cool down since we were still wearing sweatshirts. So we hung out around our camp instead. The rest of our group started trickling in around noon. We just hung out, played cards and drank a bit. I got the kids dressed as warm as I could and then we headed off to the amphitheater to see the concert. Ethan had a bit of a rough time without a sweatshirt (typical boy - even though he was told multiple times, still didn't grab a sweatshirt).
The concert was AWESOME!!! Usually the Saturday night concert is not the best, but this year it was phenomenal. Dave Matthews even came out before the opening band to introduce them and to tell everyone to have a great concert. The band's saxophone player died about two weeks ago also, which I'm sure played into their dynamic a bit. The concert was by far the best I had seen. Unfortunately, before he finished we had to go. It was just way too cold. We left as he was leaving the stage so all we missed was his encore which we were able to listen to as we walked back to the campsite. It was a great concert.
After this busy summer I am definately looking forward to some relaxation. Hopefully we'll get some. Anyway, I didn't get very many pictures but I'll share what I've got. I'll try and be better. I cannot believe I didn't get a single picture with Brian in it or really anybody else either. Oooops!! I'm so very LAME!!!
She is so cool in the shades
He decided he was "Fish Boy" or "Water Boy" or something like that. He put on everything he could find related to the water since we weren't going to the river. He's got the net over his head, a blow up fish, a noodle around his waist, and arm floaties around his ankles. It was great.
Derek and Addie just hanging out at the campsite.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate having pictures taken of myself??
Here's Niki-poo trying to not drink quite as much as at Tom Petty. Not quite but close.
Addie got ahold of Julie's sandwich. It was as big as her head but she loved it.
This isn't from the concert, just a silly picture I took today. I looked back in the car and Addie was just sitting back there with this silly cheesy grin on her face. It was sillier, but this was what I got.

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