Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ethan's Birthday

So, for Ethan's actual birthday we kept it pretty simple. I have a few great pictures but there will definately be more to come. On Thursday for his birthday we had some friends of ours over for dinner and then all the neighborhood kids came in for cake. The cake was great. Ethan wanted a pirate ship cake. Laura, being the cool crafty girl that she is, came up with a plan and design for a cake. Then I bought the stuff and then she made it. Everything went great with the cake untilit decided to fall over. Fortunately, Ethan is as creative as anyone else so he said it should be a ship "wreck" cake. So, they dirtied up the flags and built an islad for the ship to wreck on and so we had a pirate shipwreck cake. It was great. Laura made royal frosting for the water around it and it came out great. We will have more pictures up soon, well in about two weeks. For his birthday we are taking him to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound. It is less than an hour from here. They have an indoor water park and we got a great room. It has a cabin in it for Ethan and a friend to stay in. Ethan doesn't know where we are going, just that we are going someplace. It is going to be a blast. Well, here are some pictures from his birthday.

Here is Ethan listening to his new mp3 player.
The Shipwreck Cake
Blowing out the candles. Can you believe Derek stole the #6 candle and licked the frosting off? What was he thinking. Fortunately, Ethan doesn't know that he missed that very important birthday tradition.
Here's Ethan's friend Olivia waiting for her cake.
Ethan definately loved his cake
Here's Addie playing with the tubing from the wrapping paper. Silly girl.

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