Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haircut and Stuff

So, I've got some pictures to share so I thought I'd put them up for you. Sorry it is getting to be so long in between postings but I am trying to make up for it with extra pictures. Anyway, Addie got her first haircut. I let me neighbor cut it originally because I couldn't see my little girl's face. But I didn't want to be there, afraid I may have attacked anyone who tried to cut her hair. Well, Addie is a wiggle worm so although Cindy sure tried hard it wasn't really straight. So I decided to take her the professionals. we took both of the kids to Jack 'n Jill's. It is a kids hair salon. So Ethan sat in the jeep. It was pink but he didn't care because it was the only seat that had any power. Everything else was boring I guess. Addie decided to sit in the fire truck, or something like that. It had a bell in the front. She was definately a wiggle worm but her hair sure came out so cute. Enjoy the pics!!

Addie has her brother's boots on and is ready to go

Any mother would be so proud that both of her kids can fit their entire hand in their mouth!!
The haircutShe is so excited to have a big girl haircut
In case you are wondering...she is trying to lick her elbow. Her brother can do it so she thought she'd tryAll done. She got a bow and everything

Can you believe I actually forgot my camera?? I made them wait to start cutting Addie's hair until Derek got back with the camera.

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