Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gratitude Blogging

So, some of the ladies at OScraps have started a 30 day gratitude blogging challenge. One of the girls participating suggested that I might want to join them since I have been a little whiney lately with all the changes in work, daycare, not to mention weather. So, everyday I am going to jot down a few things I am grateful for. So...

Day 1

  • I got to spend the morning with my family
  • Derek did the dishes this morning
  • Our kitten will not be having any babies EVER!!!
  • I have a job when so many people are being laid off or getting paycuts
  • I get to scrap at work
  • I can afford to pay for my electric/gas bill even though it was a small fortune this month
  • We ended our nanny's employment on great terms so that we are still in a position to help each other out when it is necessary
  • Addie is finally in daycare which she so desperately needs so that she can become a sweet little girl and less of a princess, although she is of course always my princess.

That's what I've got for today. Everyone have a great day today.


Mary Ellen said...

Clara, my first visit to your blog! i love your turkeys. they are adorable. Great gratitudes!!

Laura McGee said...

i love it! i should do it too instead of being a whinner! lol
tell ethan i loved the video of the puppet show :) too cute.