Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 2 Gratitude

So today is my second day of gratitude blogging. I had to work at the hospital to day and we got Ethan set up in an after school program to start next week. So that was my day today. So here's my list.

  • I am still grateful to have a job. I keep hearing more and more stories of people losing their jobs
  • I am grateful to have a sweet little boy. He just handed me a bunch of tootsie rolls because he knows I like them. Love that kid!!!
  • My nanny is awesome. She is still helping me out with my kids even though she doesn't technically work for us anymore. Love you Laura!!
  • I am very very grateful that my parents have a BofA credit card because some wacko was trying to buy stuff from Johannesburg, South Africa and they put a stop payment on it and called my mom so that she could verify if she had made the purchase. She didn't. Take that you identity thieving jerks!!!!
  • I have a fiesty little girl. She may be trouble now but eventually that fiestyness will be a great thing for her to have in her personality.
  • I got to work on my x-ray skills today at the hospital. My feet hurt but I can shoot some x-rays.
  • I usually have a cushy job that allows me to scrapbook and play on the computer during the day.
  • My house isn't clean but I have a little bit of energy to straighten it up a little bit.
  • Ethan gets to start his after school program on Monday!! He'll be getting afterschool care and learn Taekwondo. He's a little guy so him knowing a little bit of self-defense will be great.

That is all I can do for today, although I am feeling rather grateful today. I will just have no energy left to straighten up my kitchen if I don't get off of the computer. Peace out!!

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faery-wings said...

Clara- I am so happy that you are joining us- and you have a great list of grats!!!
I hear ya on the feisty girl part too- no one is gonna mess with Cailtyn, but I just wish she wouldn't use it on me LOL