Friday, November 14, 2008

Grats Day 3

So, I am not feeling so great today so I'm not really feeling being grateful, yet I should be. So here goes...

  • I do not have to work at the hospital today. I don't usually mind but it might be too much with a sinus headache
  • even though he got cranky about it, Derek made us dinner last night while I was out running around with Ethan. And since he gets off so much earlier than me he has been making dinner most nights before I get home.
  • Addie has been going to bed wonderfully and she hasn't had any problems at daycare.
  • I found a church that Ethan can be a part of and today he has Royal Rangers even though the church very well could have cancelled it this year to to the construction.
  • I have some of the greatest friends and I love my family. We all take care of each other.
  • Even though I don't always love life, I do love the life that I have and wouldn't trade it for anything.

I would have more but my little brain just isn't working so great. If I could crawl up with a book and then get some sleep today I totally would. So this weekend come back for a visit to my blog because I will hopefully have a video of Ethan performing at his school this afternoon. We'll see how motivated I can be.

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