Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

So, it hasn't been forever but it seems like it. I have a ton of pictures for you today. Things have been busy as usual here. Laura has been trying to find another job and we are going to start Addie daycare since she's got a bit of a princess complex. We are very sad about Laura leaving but we knew this day would come at some point. So sad!!

I recently got selected to be on a CT (creative team) for a digital scrapbook designer, Sweet Genevieve. It is really cool. I get free products for making layouts that I would have done anyway. You can't beat that. I applied for another one at one of my favorite sites. I am hopeful but don't think I will get it. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Halloween was yesterday. I decided to try and make their costomes again this year, only I knew I would not have my mom to help me this time. So, I soon realized that me and my sewing machine did not get along so I ended up using stitchwitch and hand sewing the costumes together. They cam out great though, so it was all good. We went to a friend's house for a Halloween party and went trick or treating. It was a lot of fun.

Here is Addie being silly at the table. Notice her pajamas are unzipped? She has to be able to get to her belly button.
Here is Sassy checking out what Dannon is doing
I think Addie is hiding or playing peek a booShe is always so full of smilesSorry this is sideways. Still cute. This is Addie looking for leaves for a fall project Laura did with the kids.Both kids picking out leavesI love the colors of fallAddie decided she wanted to be a big girlEthan and Laura dressed Addie up in Ethan's costume from last year and called her "Super Stubborn"Ethan is so sillyI saw these two pictures and realized that they have the exact same cheesey grin!!Addie tried her tights on before her napShe's not happy about the hatShe just found out if she wears the hat she gets candyHe wants to suck your bloodOur little vampire and little witchOnce again...happy witchThey are getting ready to goHe's half pitbull and half vampireEthan and GabrielStill waitingTrick or treatAddie likes being escorted from house to house by a policemanDaddy is loving taking Addie aroundHe is such a good brother helping Addie get lots of candyDaddy that's grossAddie is definately all girl and loves all kinds of shoes, even bright yellow rain boots!!
Generally they play so well together
Ethan was trying to cramp Addie a little and she let him have it!!
I got these pics tonight. They were just sitting on the couch watching Kim Possible.

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