Thursday, November 6, 2008

I WON!!!!!

So, I thought I would post this layout I made. I am so excited. I made it for a challenge. It was a pretty simple challenge, all I had to do was use the word "Spirit" somewhere in the layout and this what I came up with. It was fun because I have been wanting to use the stuff I used for quite awhile but didn't have a place for it. I didn't win much. A gift certificate for $6 to a designers website but hey...I won!! I was pretty excited about it.

Another exciting thing happened...I applied to be on what Is called a creative team. Basically what that means is that A designer likes how I scrap and asks me to use her products so that potential buyers can see what you do with the products. The designer I am doing it for is Genevieve Sass and her website is:
I'll be writing the blog entry this month on the 20th with a contest of some sort. It is kinda fun. I'm liking it. I have also applied to be on a creative team for a site called Little Dreamer Designs. It is one of my favorite websites and I am very hopeful. It is a good sized site so my chances aren't great but keep your fingers crossed for me. Here's the layout from the contest.


Laura McGee said...

yay clara!!!!

Ti-Ti said...

This Rocks. Who knew I was a photographer... Good Job Clarabelle!