Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm not sure what day it is...5 or 6??

So, I am working on getting a great video up here. Ethan was the scarecrow for some little production he did at school. It is too large to upload though. I have some feelers out there to find a program that I can upload it on so hopefully soon it will be up. We'll see what happens. So, big changes this week. Ethan starts his afterschool Taekwondo program. He went from wanting nothing to do with it to super excited. I think it is going to work out awesome. I'll get some pictures and stuff for you guys soon hopefully. If Ethan likes it I'm guessing Derek and maybe me will also get involved.

So, I need some things to be grateful about today. It has been a long and crazy day. We started bright and early heading off to church this morning. There was a guest speaker. His name is Bob Mortimer. Google him if you get a chance. He is a man with no legs and one arm who rode his bike with his wife and 3 kids across America. Starting in Gig Harbor, WA and ending at the Statue of Liberty. He was an amazing speaker and I am so glad that I was able to be there and hear what he had to say. It was inspiring to say the least. So, with that...

  • I am so glad not to be a single parent. With Derek working two jobs and having military duties, I sometimes get a glimpse at what life would be like as a single parent. It is a lot of work.
  • Ikea is close enough to go to!!! I LOVE Ikea and always spend too much money there but today I didn't do too bad. Yay me!!
  • Ikea is in between me and my sister so it is a great place to meet and hang out.
  • Although I had my own time of rebellion, anger and a time when I tried to get myself into trouble I still kept myself in check and never found myself in a situation that permanently changed my life irreversibly. I am very happy to have two legs and two arms and I hope and pray that I motivate myself to use them more often. Although many people do overcome these types of disablilities and become better for it, I am thankful to not have to.
  • I am so blessed to have a little boy who loves his sister so much. She gets so tired at night and gets so mean sometimes and he just takes it. Not quietly, but he doesn't hit back or push her down. He usually just yells and tells me about it. He would rather die than hurt his baby sister.
  • My friend Julie has a brother who lives in Olympia so I get to see her sometimes without having to make the trip up north. It's great.
  • Although many of my friends are from work, school or wherever I have a few who share in my spiritual beliefs and it is so refreshing to be able to share that with people.

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