Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pictures will be coming soon.

Day 7

  • Derek had to work tonight...sad...but he will get a nicer paycheck.
  • I got to meet the owner of the place Ethan is taking TKD and I like him. He's serious and playful at the same time.
  • I am feeling better than yesterday and I FINALLY am going to see an ENT and find out what is wrong with the inside of my face.
  • I just had a yummy root beer float with Ethan while we watched Addie smoosh chocolate ice cream all over her face.

So, with Addie's BDay this weekend I will take lots and lots of pictures. Plus we are having our friend Ivy take some professional pics of the kiddos this weekend. She takes amazing photos and we will be outside freezing our tooshies off but it should be fun. I want Laura to take a few pictures of us too. She has a different perspective than Ivy and it would be fun to get both. We'll see what we can talk Laura into.

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