Thursday, November 20, 2008

Simply some grats for day 8

I have a few grats I'm excited about today and I promise to have some pictures up by the end of the weekend.

  • I came home tonight to a beautifully clean clean house. I did a lot of the work last night of picking up and getting started but tonight Derek did all the stuff I hate to do. the time consuming, finishing touches that I hate to do.
  • I have a great small group that I meet with on Wednesdays. They are awesome. We try and talk about stuff in the bible and let me tell you...I have lots of questions. But we also talk about our lives and what is going on and are able to love and care about each other and it is great.
  • I am on a creative team and I am still so excited about it. I did apply for another one butthey ended up having over 150 aplicants and I just wasn't what they were looking for. It is probably a good thing though because I would have full access to the products and I might have to be medically removed from the computer if that happened. Go, I guess I am grateful that I didn't make it, even if I am a little disappointed. I did get to do the blog entry with a contest for my Creative Team tonight though (technically tomorrow morning). Here it is...
  • Tomorrow is Addie's birthday and I am very thankful we have friends to celebrate it with. Yay!! Can you believe she is turning 2? She is such a big girl, even if she is tiny.
  • I am still thankful to have a job and it is growing on me. It is not as horrible as I built it up to be in my head. I get to do more x-rays and I really like the ARNP who works downstairs. It is a pretty good setup.

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