Monday, February 2, 2009

13 Coins

So, my dad called me on Saturday to tell me that they were having Clara withdrawls and so we needed to meet for Breakfast/Lunch. Ethan got to learn the meaning of brunch. It was cute explaining it to him because he ended up actually having a brunch meal with a sandwich, eggs, toast, omelette and a sundae. Now, I know that my parents were missing me but I also know that they were really missing the kids. But I am all about them making me feel good and giving me the credit for being missable. :) So, we decided to meet at 13 Coins. It is a very yummy restaurant and they have recently opened one up by the airport which is in between us so it was perfect. The restaurant has been around for ages. My mom knew about it back in the day when she lived in Bellevue growing up. It is really a cool place. The backs of the booths go up to the ceiling giving each booth lots of privacy. Even the bar seats give privacy because they are really tall and if you turn to face the person you are with you kinda create your own little room. The food is excellent although if you order entrees it gets quite pricy. We stuck with lunch and breakfast stuff so it wasn't too bad. I got a bowl of french onion soup, which ended up being a whole bowl of cheese with a little bit of the broth. Not very diet friendly but so yummy. Anyway, we had a great time and I got some fun pictures while we were there.

Ethan was very excited to get his cast signed by his grandma and grandpa. He had pens in their hands before they even sat down
Addie somehow figured out that her monkey self could lean on the table and climb up the back of the booth. She did this a lot. I'm sure she doesn't get that from me at all.Ethan and Addie dancing in the aisle.
Ethan wanted to give Addie a piggy back ride so bad. It is so cute watching them together.
The restaurant is on International Pkwy so there is a lot of cement there but it did make for some fun pics.
Auntie even jumped like a lepruchan

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