Monday, February 2, 2009

Charlie's Safari

On Friday we met up with Laura and Logan after ages and ages of not seeing them. So sad. We decided to meet up at Charlie's Safari which is a kids play place with blow up bounce house type things, a giant play structure, an arcade, laser tag and mini golf. Since Ethan has a broken arm he couldn't really play on anything so he hung out in the arcade but Kason and Addie went crazy in the blow up section. It was a lot of fun.

Laura was having fun playing with Addie throwing her up in the air. Her little boy who is a year younger than Addie is bigger than her so she was having a blast tossing her up in the air like a
Addie was running down the slide. She keeps getting braver and braver!!
I love this picture. Isn't it awesome. Addie quit trying to maul him after the first picture.

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Laura McGee said...

i love it! they look so cute together! this was tons of fun! thanks!!