Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Reptile Man

Ethan's school had a visit from the "Reptile Man" last night. Ethan really wanted to go so Derek took him and Addie. I was very proud of him since that is not really his thing. but he took them and had a good time watching the kids at this event. There was an opportunity for them to get a pic holding a snake but the line was very long. Fortunately, the Reptile Man has a zoo near my parents' house, so we'll have to check it out one day. Anyway, Derek took some fun pics that I thought I would share.

No matter where they are at, Ethan is always trying to take care of his baby sis
I just thought this picture looked cool.
Addie doesn't seem to be quite sure what is going on.
All Smiles
The Reptile Man with a tortoise, a Gila Monster and a sleeping alligator
Ethan always has a cheesy smile for the camera
Addie thinks she might want to touch it
Now she just wants to talk to it
Ethan's turn

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