Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1st post in far too long!!

So, this is going to be the first of several posts. I have lots and lots of pictures to put up. I am a slacker, I know. So, I will start with some pics I took a while ago. Most of these pics are from the Farmer's Market in Olympia. It isn't huge but has all the necessities of a great farmer's market. When we got there it hadn't opened yet so we walked down to the waterfront and walked around for a bit. Derek was off canning asparagus, which I do have a picture of too. He was so excited to go do this. For one because it is so yummy and for two it was kinda fun. The kids and I went over there for a bit. It was a lot of fun. So, here are some pics...

These first two pics were taken in front of our house. We live next to some woods that the kids are always trying to play in. Ethan gets to sometimes but Addie isn't allowed and the 2nd picture is when she got caught trying to go into the woods.
Here we are at the Farmer's Market. They have a cute little garden next to it that the kids were having fun running through and smelling the flowers.
This is when we went down to the docks. The water was full of jellyfish and Ethan was having a blast showing them all to Addie. He is always so sweet to her.
This picture was take at John and Jodie's house where Derek and a crew were canning asparagus. This is a yearly event. I hope he didn't make them too spicy. We will find out soon.

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