Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hanging out at Jeff's Lake!!

So, a couple of weekends ago I took Addie down to Maytown (about 15 niles south of us) to play at a friend's lake. Derek took Ethan and Cristian camping but didn't take a single picture. He's a dork like that. But I had my camera so I got some great pics of Addie just looking cute, since she does that so well. The weather was great and it was just nice to hang out. Right before we got there Jack proposed to his girlfriend of a few years so we got to see them while they were still super giddy. It was really exciting to see them all happy and excited like that. So now Miss Niki can soon be Aunt Niki. So, it was just a nice weekend overall.

Addie always loves on Miss Niki. Jack almost gets jealous because it always takes Addie quite a while to warm up to him, but it is always instant with Niki. I have to say...Niki is generally sweeter than Jack, but Uncle Jack can definately throw the kids much higher in the air and is always more than willing to do it for what seems like hours.
I have some big feet compared to my little girl
She won't even keep her shoes on outside.
Addie will ride in the golf cart or on a tractor all day long with Aund Stacy if we would let her. Stacy lets her steer and everything. You can tell if you walk behind the golf cart that seems to be driven by a drunk.

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