Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I finally have pictures of our skydiving adventure. I have already wrote the story of how things went, but now here are some pictures to go along with it. Once again, if you have never been, you should definitely go. I know the whole perfectly good airplane comments...but it was amazing and nothing like I expected it to be. Amazing is the only word that comes to mind to explain it.

Here is Ethan, so involved in coloring his planes black that he doesn't even care what else is going on.
Derek is just chilling while we wait to go. I had to drink a margarita to chill out but he was just calm and ready to go.
Addie and I were checking out this plane when the pilot invited us to go for a little ride. It wasn't a long ride or anything. Just a giant circle around snohomish. I thought Addie would freak out but she absolutely LOVED it. It was awesome and just what I needed to calm down.
Derek is all decked out in his space suit.
Stacy is getting all adjusted and ready to go.
I am so glad I got to do this with Derek.
Derek and Brian...the Muscle Men
I can't believe Stacy wasn't freaking out at all!! I could hardly speak.
Here's our crew...Stacy, Derek, Me, Jack and Brian
Never too nervous to act crazy!!
Alisha wanted me to strike a pose. And you think I'm crazy? That girl is crazier than me. Now I need to figure out how to get her to jump out of a plane.
Ethan has recently decided he needs to be "Cool!"
Here's Kelly. He is who I jumped with. I was friends with his brother Casey. I knew he would take care of me up there, and he definately did.
Here is the plane we went up in
And off we go
My mom and dad were just sitting and chillin' out.
Alisha and Niki anxiously awaiting out return
Here the kids are entertaining themselves it the waiting area. Once again Ethan is taking great care of his sis. I love watching them together.
I'm not totally sure who these pics are of. I think one of them is Derek and one is Stacy.
My blood was still rushing here. Amazing!!
Here is the whole group that was there to jump and watch.
After we got to the ground and I saw Ethan he said he wanted to go. I'm guessing I already have an 18th birthday planned. Maybe Derek will jump with him and I'll jump with Addie. We'll see. I've got a couple of dare devil kids.
These pics are out of order since they were from a different camera. This is where we took our arch class. We all had to lay on our bellies and arch, to show that we understood what we were supposed to do in the air. If people don't arch in the air, there is not a lot the instructor can do about it, except yell. They are used to this while new jumpers are full of adrenaline and therefore much stronger. So they teach us ahead of time what we are supposed to do so that our brains will hopefully click into working mode quickly.Here we are before getting into our space suits. Before our lives were changed forever. :)
I like this picture of us going onto the plane the best.Here is my edited photo of me with the parachute. I love my camera. This picture is a perfect example of how awesome it is. Thanks Alisha for taking pics. That girl loved my camera so much, she took over 300 pic. Gotta love digital and 8MB cards. Now I just need to get a faster card. Who knew of such things??
I know watching from the ground is not the same. But I do what I can to share. I hope you enjoyed the pics of our very exciting little adventure here.

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