Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend at my parents' house

Here are some fun pictures from when we hung out at my parents' house this past weekend. Our skydive was in Snohomish so we thought we would do some Father's Day celebration while we were up there. We got up there Friday night and worked on emptying my dad's keg so that Derek could take the kegerator home with us. I was an awesome wife for Father's Day this year. Beer and skydiving. You can't beat that. So now the keg is empty so that Derek can put in some Fat Tire. We drank, hung out and played pool. Same as always. Then Saturday night Alisha made homemade tortillas, my mom made carne asada and I finished it off with homemade fried ice cream. I have to was all absolutely delicious. So here's some pics from the weekend.

Addie doesn't like to hit the balls, she likes to collect them.
I think my mom and dad still like each other after all this time.
Silly, Silly Addie Pat (By the way...she claims this as her name and will often correct you if you call her Addie. "No! Addie Pat!!")
Ethan was eavesdropping on Dan's conversation. He got caught just a few minutes later.
Addie was having a hard time making this work but kept trying. There are a few large bumps here in the driveway that are hard to get over.
This was pretty funny. Derek taught the kids about whip cream canisters so Addie had whip cream all over her mouth. So, I was trying to get a picture but Ethan wanted pics of him too. It became a real battle for the camera. I have such big hams for kids. I guess that is what happens when you take so many pics of your kids.
The kids didn't used to be allowed to play on the table but lately it has been allowed. It makes for some fun pics. Ethan is doing the robot in some of them. He's really good at it.

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