Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My very last post for today!!

So, after out skydiving trip we had to run home Sunday morning in time to go to my church's grand reopening after nearly a year of construction. I made Derek come with me and he didn't pout too much. They were giving out fresh cookies for everybody and Addie made a giant mess. Afterward we played a little bit for Father's Day, first with a BBQ place down the street. the food was awesome, the BBQ stunk, and they made beer. It wasn't crowded and it was just a nice lunch. Afterward we went up to a park in the area called Wonderwood Park. I had never been but I had heard about it from Laura, and Derek had found it a couple weeks before. So we walked around there with our friends Dave and Leanne and their little boy Adam. It was a great day. So here's some pics from Sunday.

Addie was trying hard to help Adam up, but I think he weighs as much as she does so she was having a rough time.
Addie loves to play with Daddy, especially when it involves throwing her around and spinning her in circles.
I love this!!
They have some great woodsy trails with lots of old trees and stuff.

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