Monday, June 29, 2009

Relay for Life

I just want to share some of my pics from Relay for life. Most of these pictures were taken before I really started walking. I wish I would have gotten more pics of all of Ethan's rock star-ness but my camera was put away by then. This was an awesome experience. Here are the pics.

Addie hanging out in our little area.
A couple of my friends...Cyndi and Ina
The sun was out and Addie was just too cute not to take a million pics of her.
Emily and her sister Serry during the survivor's lap
Serry and family as they kept doing laps during the first hour
This my friend Gina. She is currently battling Lymphoma and yet she walked 22 miles.

Addie was ready to do some walking. Derek was able to come out for a little bit even though he was on call.
There was lots and lots of of fundraising on the field. Here were a few girls that were painting people's nails for a dollar. I couldn't resist getting Addie's nails painted. there was more paint on her fingers than her nails and I ended up doing a lot of the work but these girls were so cute trying to do their part to raise money for cancer.
The kids went crazy playing on the field during the walk.
Addie had an obsession with this grate of all things.
The kids wanted to walk a lot but would get tired. So we pushed them in a wheel chair and pulled them in a wagon some of the time.

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