Friday, July 10, 2009

Emerald Downs 2009

Every year around the 4th of July we go to Emerald Downs for the 4th of July Firework Spectacular. It never actually falls on the 4th but that's what we are celebrating. With the 4th falling on Saturday this year Derek and I both had Friday, July 3rd off, which is when it was scheduled for. We packed up the camper, got some food and headed up. We had to get there early to park the camper in two spots. Addie was still asleep so we pulled out some beers and hung out for a bit. We got in right in time to watch some horses head up to the track. Addie thought the horses were the coolest thing ever. Ethan had just gotten his DSi so he was entralled in that until I finally took it away and made him join the real world. Addie watched every single race and her Grandpa was more than willing to take her down right next to the track to watch each and every race. It was a great time.

After the races we waited for dark for the firework show. The show is always amazing because they set it up all the way across the track so it is just cool. Addie, it seems, still does not like fireworks this year, although it was better than last year. last year she sobbed the entire time. This year she started crying right off the bat but I was able to soothe her and as long as her ears were covered and she was glued to me she would watch the fireworks. I just had to keep reminding her how pretty they were. Overall it was a great night and of course I got some fun pictures.

Ethan is waiting for the horses to come over to the track
Here is the family unit hanging out by the horses
Addie LOVED the horses
And Grandpa loved watching Addie love the horses
Addie was trying to figure out which horses to bet on
Ethan is trying to see the horses coming around the track
My little cheesy girl. Always a ham for the camera
Why walk when your daddy can give you a lift?

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