Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

So, for halloween Addie was dead set on being a rock star and Ethan wanted to something scary, so he chose an alien. I had some ideas for Addie's costume running through my head but nothing major. Nothing in her costume except the hair color had to be bought in the Halloween section so I wasn't in a hurry...until I got sick last week. I didn't leave my house until Saturday morning, although I had planned to go last week during lunch. So Saturday morning Addie and I headed off to Target to come up with an outfit for her "Rockstar" costume. Ethan had his several weeks in advance, so that was easy and he had a mask and everything. easy breazy. I was sick as a dog and was counting down the minutes to make a doctors appt. I didn't really think I needed one but my mom was worried and I knew some better cough syrup with a little codeine to calm my cough so I could get some sleep wouldn't hurt. So we went to Target got a mish mash of stuff then headed off to the doctor. The doctor told me I wasn't allowed to go trick'o'treating. Whah!! I love taking the kids out. I was pretty bummed. So we went home and took a nap, well I took a nap while Derek chased Addie around the house not taking a nap. When I woke up I got Addie ready with the help of my friend Paige, my parents and Derek. Ethan's costume was pretty simple although needed a little bit of work to sit the way it was supposed to. After the little bit of work i had to do I thought my head was going to start spinning so I threw the kids out along with Derek and they went to a friends house up north about 10 miles for a kid Halloween party and some t'o't-ing and I had a quiet house. You would think it would be restful but feeling as crappy as I did and missing the kids get to be so cute and fun it wasn't as restful as i'd have liked. Plus I was hungry and having had been sick for the past several days all the easy food was gone so i had to actually think about what food to eat. Lame. I am ready to be healthy. But it sounds like the kids had a great time...although the candy givers were a little chincey with their reese's this year...not that I would's not like I went and got candy or anything. LOL. Here's the pics of the kids getting ready and in their costumes.

Paige was a super duper rockstar hair stylist. 2 gold stars for sure!!
Gotta have the rock star crimping going on!!
She's got diva primping under control
Ethan is putting the Earth under his spell
Let's roll and be as difficult as possible for mommy to get pics of us
Ready to rock and roll
She's got down that diva pout, dang it...I had hoped she would miss that part
Addie had to do some practicing to get those little fingers to move right
Addie LOVED her rockin costume
Rock on dudes from outerspace!!
Rock on Nanoo
The silly rocker aliens
Addie has got her bag and is almost ready to she just needs to find some shoes.
Ethan and Gabriel getting ready to do some trick'o'treatin'
Ethan is leading the way
Apparently addie needed some makeup. I wasn't there so I am guessing sunglasses.
Not sure why...but this picture just freaks me out. A little too rocker gone, I don't know what...just not right.
As long as she can still rock I guess we're doing okay.

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Emily said...

A Dor Able :) I love it. :)