Monday, November 2, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

Every year I try and plan a trip to th epumpkin patch. Some years we go to a pumpkin patch by my parents house and other years we go by our house. There is a nice pumpkin patch about 5 minutes from our house. this year we thought we would try someplace different and went about 20 minutes from home to a place I had heard about the maze a little further south. Alisha decided to join us on our adventures and showed up in the middle of the night the night before. A fun little last minute addition to our plans. We got down Rutledge Farms and no one was there. It was awesome. It was the weekend before Halloween so we expected it to be packed. I always have to come up with a million reasons why we can't go until the last minute so that Derek doesn't carve the pumpkins to early. Otherwise we end up with moldy Jack-o-Lanterns.

The maze was awesome. The ground was packed down perfectly. No big mud holes or pits in the ground. The maze was pretty easy to follow and although Addie started on Derek's shoulders she quickly joined in and was running through the maze with everyone else. We had a blast.

After the maze we had to catch a ride on a horse drawn hay ride to the pumpkin patch. Now the pumpkin patch was definately lacking as was the entire rest of the field aside from the maze, but we were still able to find some good pumpkins and Addie thought the chickens were cook even if they had no feathers on their butts. They were mean chickens that seemed to pick on each other and pull out each others feathers. So although we will never go back to that pumpkin patch again, we had a great time and while complaining about what it lacked got some ideas of some new ones to check out next year. So here are the pics...

Getting started
Here began Ethan's obsession with the corn
Alisha posing on the bridge
A family pic on the bridge
These 3 were hiding in the corn waiting to jump out and scare us. Don't tell them...but we knew we were there.
Always looking adorable
Ethan captured his sis
Punching out a marker at a checkpoint in the maze.
Ethan talking to Addie while walking through the maze
The boys on the bridge
All the corn
Addie hanging out on a bridge looking at all the corn
Ethan was obsessed with the corn through the entire maze. What is it with kids and caring about the least important thing in an event.
No Ethan...Mommy takes the pictures and you stand and look cute!!
Ethan is always so sweet to his sister (well, almost always)

Being silly waiting to head over to the pumpkin patch
A family pic while we are waiting for the hay ride to the pumpkin patch
We had to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch from the maze area
Derek and Ethan are working together to find the coolest pumpkins
Ethan is on a mission to find the best pumpkin EVER!!!
This one looks waaay toooooo big!!
It looks like it could be a nice pumpkin
Uh might be too heavy
Addie's last test to see if she could lift it up
Addie made her decision
Ethan was checking out all sorts of pumpkins but this was the one he was pretty sure was the one
Ethan's final pumpkin choice
Ethan decided to hitch a ride to weigh in the pumpkins

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